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A Symbol of Infinite Love From the day the Lucky Wedding set was acquired by Sierra Moon Goldsmiths, "everybody loved it," says Sierra Moon Co-owner John Lynch. "It's a simple design, and it has a certain vibe to it." First created in the late 1920's by a San Francisco jeweler, the set

                The concept of infinity opens minds to endless possibilities. The word comes from the Latin "infinitas" or "unboundedness." In ancient India and Tibet the infinity symbol represented perfection, dualism, and unity between male and female. The design of this infinity ring series was inspired by a custom ring made by Sierra Moon

This glamorously striking pendant was custom designed by Sierra Moon Goldsmiths Co-owner Linda Pierce. Linda created the pendant in sterling silver with a large center stone of crinkle-cut Hypersthene (hi-pur-steen). The name Hypersthene is derived from the Greek meaning "over strength." It is a stone believed to enhance self esteem. The strength