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Be mine…Forever! Bridal season is on the horizon, and we understand the pressure to find the perfect ring.  You want to melt her heart with a symbol of your love – a precious metal of commitment that will adorn her finger for all your days to come – a declaration of eternity. Ok. Now that we have your attention with the gravity of importance on the subject, let us offer you 4 suggestions to start this daunting process:
1. Determine her general preferences for jewelry
Take a look at what she wears on a daily basis. This will give you an idea of her style – Does she mostly wear yellow gold, or is she a silver-toned kind of gal; does she wear big pieces of jewelry or is she more drawn to dainty bling; does she stick with traditional jewelry or does she have a funky flair?
2. Determine your budget
Cha-Ching! When it comes down to paying for a ring, there are two major things you’ll want to consider before purchasing: 1) her expectation and 2) your financial situation. The goal is to find a balance between the two. That said, her ring matters. After all, this will be the single most important piece of jewelry she owns.
We’ve all heard of the “two months salary” rule of thumb. Again, this is relative to your life and monthly expenses.
Here is a chart of the 2 months rule:
Income   Ring
$15,000:    $2,500

$30,000:    $6,000

$45,000:    $7,500
$60,000:    $10,000
$75,000:    $12,000
$90,000:    $15,000
$105,000:  $17,500
$120,000:  $20,000
$150,000:  $25,000
3. Ask her mother or her closest friend what they think she would like
Asking may be a risky gamble – you certainly don’t want them to let the cat out of the bag – but hopefully she is surrounded by loving women who are eager to help you and keep the surprise.
If you’ve been talking about getting married, there’s no doubt your loved one has chatted with the women closest to her about her wedding ring likes and dislikes. It’s quite possible she’s even tried them on for fun when they’ve been out on a girl’s shopping trip – She may even have on her Sierra Moon Wishlist! Tap into this source of information to help narrow down your choices.
4. Get a placeholder ring
If you know your sweetheart wants to choose her own ring, but you want to pop the question, you can do something a little whacky and still make the moment magical. One of our favorite ideas is the candy ring. Ring Pop is a company that lets you design the wrapper with a personalized message then you can put it in a Sierra Moon ring box.   Click Here to Order
Watch a Youtube tutorial on how to make a braided, hemp string ring or how to make a plastic ring, using Shrinky Dinks Frosted Ruff N’ Ready shrink plastic. Cut cardboard in the shape of a ring and decorate it with gold and silver glitter before putting it into a Sierra Moon ring box. Any sort of silly and obviously fake engagement ring will suffice. In fact, the sillier, the better!
The most important aspect of this approach is to make sure you put the fake ring inside a Sierra Moon ring box. This way she will still experience the excitement of the proposal by thinking she’s getting an engagement ring from her favorite jewelry store without being disappointed that you purchased a brilliant round halo set in platinum instead of a yellow gold pave band with three stone princess cut diamonds and sapphires.
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