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November has two beautiful birthday stones: Citrine and Topaz! Citrine is typically found in golden shades that can range from a pale yellow to deep brownish orange.  The gem is known as a healing stone. Legend has it that citrine can promote vitality and energy within those who wear it. Topaz can be found in

  The kaleidoscope of colors in an Opal is unlike any other gemstone. Because it holds the colors of all other gems, the Romans thought it was the most precious and powerful of all. The Bedouins believed that opals contained lightning and fell from the sky during thunderstorms.   We believe opals make some of most enchanting pieces of

Fall is Just Around the Corner Fashion trends are fluid and ever changing. It is time to welcome fall with the top colors of the season. This years color line up features rich tones that are guaranteed to spice up the standard and everyday neutral palettes of black, white, camel, gray, and navy. Here is a preview of our fall color

In the Middle Ages, sapphires were believed to protect those you love from envy & harm. Sapphires are most desired for their rich blue color, however, "Fancy Sapphires" (as the ones shown above) can come in pink, yellow, purple green, orange, black and even colorless. Sapphires can also be found with a rare asterism. This variety is known as the Star Sapphire. The

Earth Day, the day that we celebrate this big beautiful "gemstone" we call home, is on April 22. As lovers of all things Earth, Sierra Moon celebrates every day by using earth-friendly, sustainable metals. We work with Harmony Recycled Metals, which provides all 100 percent recycled metals including gold, platinum and silver. "Harmony

There is an art to layering necklaces, and it starts with your personal style and favorite pieces, or the always-fun shopping spree. From the looks on the red carpet, chokers are making a comeback; pendants are always a classic look; and long strands are a great way to dress up a look