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When Jim Carter came in to Sierra Moon Goldsmiths several years ago, he had a plan. He wanted to have a ring designed for himself - a ring inspired by one he had purchased for his wife. "I had a diamond that was my father's," he said. "I took that diamond

This beautiful gemstone is very abundant in the world. However, most found on the market today come from Brazil. The green color is rare among this type of stone. A white or clear color, often with black veins, is more common. Sometimes you can find it in pink. It is believed to have

This month's gemstone is a beautiful amber color, somewhat rare in a family of gems that come in a variety of colors. It is most commonly found in Thailand, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Burma (Myanmar). The beauty of the transparent version of this gemstone, while not as hard as diamonds, was sometimes

If only this ring could talk!  The stories it would tell.  This ring is an estate piece from Nevada where the gem was originally mined at the turn of the last century. The ring was designed as a man's ring but is versatile enough to be worn by women and features

Pearls are the quintessential 'special' gift to give young ladies graduating. Pearls celebrate achievement and commemorate success with quiet beauty and classic elegance. Every woman remembers and cherishes her first set of pearls. They are versatile enough to be worn for any occasion, and valuable enough to be passed on

This Mother's Day celebrate your mother with something special and beautiful, that will last for many seasons to come. The Silver Seasons Collection, by renowned American designer Michael Michaud, features elements from nature cast in silver and bronze accented with pearls and gemstones. The Silver Seasons Collection, from its seashell earrings

This month's gemstone is known for its metaphysical and healing strengths. Found in Mexico it is a quartz-based stone with playful spots of brown and black. It is a common stone but was a favorite of ancient times. In Greek, Persian, Hebrew, and Latin literature the stone was said to align the