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December has a strong association with holiday hues of bright red and crisp green. Luckily, December babies have far more color options when it comes to their birthstone jewelry. Like November, they also have two birthstone options –  the light, bright blue of turquoise and the many shades of zircon.

Turquoise ranges in color from a bright robin’s egg blue to pastel tones. It can also be found in a light bluish green. The stone has been prized for thousands of years by many different cultures, and was often used as an amulet of protection.

Zircon is available in a wide range of colors, the most popular of which is bright blue. Zircon’s colorless variety is sometimes confused with diamond due to the stone brilliance.  Zircon is said to have the power to relieve pain, protect travelers and prevent nightmares.


Pictured above: Turquoise nugget necklaces, and smokey Topaz drop earrings. 


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