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Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day…an entire day dedicated to love. Rare is the woman who doesn’t secretly (or not so secretly) anticipate a gift from her man. Let’s be real – a box of chocolates or bouquet of flowers are kind of cop-out-presents. The ultimate gift for any woman is, of course, jewelry; and there’s no better place than Sierra Moon to find just the right piece!
We’re not too sure about the science behind those butterflies she’ll get as she opens her Sierra Moon box; we just know she’ll be ecstatic, and you’ll be her prince charming. Trust us on this. We see it every day!
Now if you’re saying to yourself, “Wait just a minute. My sweetheart is one of those gals who thinks Valentine’s Day is nothing more than a manufactured holiday and the commercialization of forced romance.”  Fair enough. We have the answer for you! Remember, every one loves it when somebody does something nice for them, so may we suggest bringing her broken or worn jewelry to us to be repaired or cleaned.
It’s not only a great surprise, but it’s also a thoughtful gesture of love.
(14K White Gold & Diamond Heart Locket shown above is in stock now)

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