A History of
Sierra Moon

Since 1978

Founders Jan & Gary Lord

Sierra Moon Galleries has been crafting unique custom jewelry in Old Town Auburn since 1978. Founders Jan and Gary Lord brought their exclusive designs and fresh approach to jewelry as art, skillfully combining precious metals and gemstones to create one-of-a-kind pieces.

After thirty years in operation, Jan and Gary decided to start the next chapter in their lives. Not only had they created a well-known and well-respected jewelry business, but they had formed a tight-knit family of talented and dedicated employees.

Owners John Lynch & Linda Pierce

In January of 2009, two of existing staff members, John Lynch & Linda Pierce, were given the opportunity to take over the business they helped cultivate. Without hesitation, they accepted the offer!  The torch (and bench) had officially been passed down from Jan and Gary. With a cumulation of 42 years working for Sierra Moon, John and Linda had finally become the proud owners of this Auburn icon. 

After nine years of operation, John and Linda announced that they too would begin the next chapter in their lives and retired in February of 2018.

Owners Shawn & Brad Baldwin

As gallery manager, Shawn Baldwin worked closely with John and Linda for many years. When she learned that they were retiring, Shawn and her husband Brad jumped at the opportunity to purchase the iconic Old Town Auburn establishment. In March of 2018, Shawn and Brad Baldwin officially became the new owners of Sierra Moon Goldsmiths.

"We couldn't be happier knowing our beloved store, our baby, will live on and continue to serve our community," says Linda Pierce.  "We hope you will support the Baldwin family as you have so generously supported us over the years! They have an exciting vision for Sierra Moon and a commitment to uphold the stellar reputation we've built over 40 years!"

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