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client testimonials

"I had some heirloom pieces that I wanted to restructure to be able to wear regularly. DeAnne Brown was wonderful to work with and she is an extremely talented artist. You can trust Sierra Moon with your treasured items. I highly recommend their work."

-Maria T.

"I LOVE Sierra Moon! I recently have had two custom rings designed. They came out as beautiful or more so than I had imagined! Deanne took the time to ask detailed questions and draw out ideas."

- Tina B.

"Back in November, my fiancé and I researched and found Sierra Moon Goldsmiths here in Auburn. We were looking for a business to help us with a custom made, raw diamond engagement ring and simultaneously needed to downsize my dad's wedding band to fit my fiancé's finger. We wanted to use the excess gold from the wedding band in the creation of my engagement ring. That's a lot of things to accomplish!

I called Sierra Moon Goldsmiths and was set up with DeAnne, a very skilled jewelry designer. On their website, you can read a bio of all of the designers and the two owners. I really liked that!

Anyway, our engagement ring and wedding band project came out perfectly! There were many other "perks" of working with Sierra Moon Goldsmiths: we were connected with a local jewelry and gemstone appraiser, we met and secured our wedding photographer, and most importantly we found a local goldsmith who knows how to work with people and provide excellent customer service. Plus, sometimes there's an adorable "shop dog" named Luna to pet, too!

I highly recommend Sierra Moon Goldsmiths if you're looking for custom work, repairs, have unique requests, or just have questions about your jewelry in general. Their prices are reasonable for the service and skill they provide (that is my opinion and understandably everyone's income/outflow is different and someone else may disagree with me regarding pricing/cost).

Sierra Moon Goldsmiths: I will be back, SOON!"

- Jessica L.